Accelerate ESG goal achievement

How electric fleets can fast track achievement of your ESG goals

by IMG Research Team on May 15, 2023

At Indus Motors, our vision goes beyond providing innovative fleet solutions – we are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and driving positive change. We are committed to enabling our clients to meet their ESG goals by offering comprehensive electric vehicle solutions for last-mile deliveries. Our commitment to ESG encompasses reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality, and creating a sustainable future through the adoption of electric fleets.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Fleet Operations

Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Electric Fleet Operations

by IMG Research Team on April 25, 2023

Efficiency is key when it comes to last-mile delivery operations. In this blog, we delve into how Indus Green has successfully optimized its fleet operations to achieve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize its carbon footprint. We will explore the strategies and tactics employed, including efficient route planning, smart charging management, and maximizing the utilization of vehicle battery charge. By following these best practices, you can also unlock energy savings and reduce their environmental impact while optimizing their last-mile delivery operations.

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